Youth Baseball Clinics

Bank of America sponsored several youth baseball clinics in cooperation with the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Diego Padres. Dennis Davis Photography was hired to document three of the clinics, and provide images to be used for public relations.

One or two busloads of kids from disadvantaged neighborhoods or with disabilities would arrive at the baseball stadium, were given free baseballs, T-shirts and baseball caps, and then taken out onto the field for training. There were stations for base running, batting practice, catching fly balls, throwing, pitching, etc. At many of the stations the kids were trained by actual past or present baseball players from the Dodgers or Padres teams. The professional players were assisted by professional coaches and Bank of America Volunteers. After the practical training, the kids were able to get autographs from current stars from the Dodgers and the Padres.


Everywhere you looked there was a Bank of America logo. It appeared on the back of every kid’s T-shirt, on the shirt of every volunteer. Bank of America banners were put on the fences and walls, and every station for batting practice or base running had an identifying sign. There were plenty of opportunities to show off the logos as well. Every clinic had 3-6 television video cameras, and photographers from various newspapers and magazines. If a publication was unable to send a camera crew, Bank of America would be happy to provide them with an official press release and high resolution images taken by Davis Photographic.

This was a polished, professional program that provided an exciting opportunity for kids, and made sure that the media was there to capture every grin when a kid caught a ball. The clinics were organized and promoted by Octa8on ( a sports marketing company with offices throughout the world. The Atlanta branch of Octagon hired Dennis Davis Photography to handle all of the still photography for the three clinics.

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